Foedus is the technology area of FOEDUS Group


The technology area of FOEDUS Group is represented by the company called FOEDUS, whose organization is constituted of a diverse team of qualified and experienced professionals, able to follow authoritatively the various areas of application of ICT in enterprises.


Two of currently active business units reside in FOEDUS Group organization. The work of these business units is oriented to the management of more technological Business Lines, precisely: Software Production, Networking Infrastructure.


In 2010 the commitment of company policy that point and offer products and services always at the highest level has awarded FOEDUS with the quality certification by TÜV Italy according to standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 valid for the following product or service range:


Software design, development, implementation and assistance for management and control of enterprise and information system and networking consulting services. Trade of software and hardware products. (EA 33, 29a).